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How to Successfully Prepare and File a Provisional Patent Application, by Peter D. Keefe, Esq.

    Is it is possible for your invention to be "Patent Pending" with minimal expense?  Yes!  You can file a provisional patent application on your own with a government file fee of only $75.00.  During its one year life you may submit your "patent pending" invention to companies and feel the sense of security only "patent pending" can give you.  You'll have a year before you need to file a regular utility patent application (with all its associated costs).  But, for this approach to be successful, you have to know what to do and understand how to do it.
     How to Successfully Prepare and File a Provisional Patent Application is the guide you need!  You will learn (without difficult legal jargon) exactly how to prepare and file a provisional patent application, including the specification (written portion), the drawings, the forms, and the filing procedure.  To aid you in preparation, a detailed example of a shovel invention on which an actual provisional patent application was filed is included as a blueprint for you.  Ample margin notes explain just exactly what was done and why it was done.

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How to Successfully Submit an Invention to a Company, by Peter D. Keefe, Esq.

    No matter how good your invention may be, unless you find the right company and approach it the right way, your chances for success are limited to pure chance.  You need to know what to do and how to do it so that your submissions are note 'mere roles of the dice.'
   How to Successfuly Submit an Invention to a Company not only guides you through Keefe's "Standard Approach to Marketing an Invention" it explains the pros & cons of venturing versus licensing, confidentiality agreements (with a form you can use) and examples of actual inventions and the submission letters used to promote them.

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How to Successfully Prepare and File a Provisional Patent Application

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